احضار شیاطین جن Superior Affairs 电晕病毒的生物攻击

Corona Biological Attack_How to Increase the Power of Focus_Experiences of power the spirit and devil

احضار شیاطین جن Superior Affairs 电晕病毒的生物攻击

Corona Biological Attack_How to Increase the Power of Focus_Experiences of power the spirit and devil

Why is there a possibility of a biological attack from the USA

corona virus origin

Simpson         Obama          kent Harrington global trends report          Trevor Noah+Four senators

Chris Murphy on Twitter: "The U.S. had a program - PREDICT

Similar enzymes between SARS-CoV-2 and HIV

?US Biological Laboratory in Georgia

From the American point of view Some are suspected of being terrorists And some terrorists are good and some are bad
Whenever the United States does something wrong, it blames it on Muslims and China and Russia
The United States may have created a virus to deal with China

US records

Support for ISIS and militant groups        Selling weapons to AL_Saud            useing and maintain the atomic bomb         useing Depleted uranium          US drone attack on suspicious targets         chemical attack in Vietnam          United States military bases        The E120 biological cluster bomb         HAARP        Stuxnet is a malicious computer worm        Cyberwarfare        Wrong medical advice about Corona        Gun sales           Biological Weapons Test on Poor St. Louis Blacks
US Lies

United Nations with veto power        Human rights claims         Man's Journey to the Moon


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Trevor Noah

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About Corona

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Corona features

The virus has a layer of fat that is resistant to environmental conditions

Corona enzymes, such as AIDS, are highly permeable

The virus weakens the immune system by inhibiting the production of interferon If scientists make genetic changes in this part of the virus a natural vaccine may be given

The virus has a latent period

It is a respiratory disease that causes suffocation

Corona virus treatment

Strengthen the Human immune system

Antibodies may be useful until the vaccine is found



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My understanding of spiritual issues


Proof of spirit

We feel the need Because for need is there one thing where is the need of God and emotional and attentional needs
There is no Time and destruction for the spirit and it makes the spirit different from other things
persons says problems and looking for a treatment for something from years ago
or arrest of offender even after years of changing human chemical molecules
or some predict some things from the future or something they haven't seen
or spiritual needs are not wasted like physical needs Which may not be compensated
or the law of attraction that says whatever you think is happening
or looking for someone to marry who has less to do with the opposite sex

Appearance of spirit
If you say and repeat La ilaha illallah(There are no other gods but god) so much to unconscious repeat La ilaha illallah this mention pressure on the sprite and you wake up while you are asleep you are not awake but alert
This mode has several characteristics
If you see there is no gravity pressure and breathing pressure you are in this mode
If there is Problem from distant times you discover it
by observing your moods You understand the dimensions of your personality
the words and the spiritual state of the words can be understood
this happens 15 seconds after sleep and this is happening for few seconds
If you are tired or do not have a good place for sleep You better get into this
If you think you are sleep or awake You wake up
If your sprite is released although duration is short your tiredness will be eliminated
you do Unconscious That's your habit Unless the initiative Be your habit

What are the spiritual effects
It is the effects that creates the connection between matter and spirit

The sprite experience consists of three categories
Experience of spiritual effects or sixth sense
The effect of spiritual effects on imagination
Real Dreams

Experience of spiritual effects or sixth sense
Future event
I remember when I going to school In a moment I found a romantic feeling That if I walk at this speed And that's how I walk Continue In a certain place that is not visible right now I see my aunt's daughter going to school I continued And at that point and Very ordinary I saw my aunt's daughter and I said hello
Future change
Once when I came out of the house It came to my mind that we are in an accident today While I was not a driver I changed my mind without accident damage And I forgot the story A few hours later when returning to home There was a taxi behind us At the moment of the accident He turned himself and broke only a taxi lamp
An unknown person
Once when I playing online game I felt an ISIS among the players I found a joke on the internet And I shared in the chatroom One ISIS began to curse and curse in English and Turkish and Arabic
In the past  I remember a lady classmate wanted to be friends with me I didn't even say hello to her.Days passed and I regretted, but it was in my mind The next day she stood by the door to say hello to me I didn't pay attention and went to the end of the hall. she was standing still until I came back and said hello again . we didn't being friends

I was a student in another city for four years And I didn't sleep on the bus during that time
Until I became my aunt's guest for 40 days My cousin was a carefree person, and during that time he was left with a plane ticket I had little money and had to return to our city
My cousin didn't care about money, and her money was dumped in the room like garbage
I borrowed some money and then returned it And exactly what happened to him happened to me
I slept on the bus and crossed the city And I went back to my city at different costs

The effect of spiritual effects on imagination

That needs interpretation

Real Dreams
dreams that come true and things that are not seen or they change
In 2006 I had a very real dream that I was married to a Chinese girl. The girl was about 30 years old or older, while I was 17 years old. This dream lasted 15 seconds One part was that marriage was as simple as it is now that the corona virus has infected the world and simple ceremonies are held



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spiritual formulas

There are commands that make communication and conclusion faster and more efficient

spiritual effects

To reach the spirit, we must have access to spiritual effects Spiritual effects are effects that connect the Matter and spirit To access spiritual effects, we must follow the properties of chemistry and physics in spiritual formulas

Combined with spiritual effects

The purpose of spiritual formulas

It is used to regulate the soul
You will find Positive and negative poles And you understand the effects
You understand spiritual complexes even through the names of people
You understand the effect and connection of words with the soul
You understand the impact of thoughts on events
What others think of you should be in the form of spiritual complexes
Revenge can be obtained through poles

Parts of spiritual works

 Contact the Forehead with ground     Rhythm   Mentions  Words     numbers     writing          Solvents     Positive and negative poles     spiritual complexes    unconscious      attention to spiritual needs     Feed the soul     The flow of spiritual effects        Soul food

Properties of words
The word itself
The effect on similar effects
The effect of the word description
Movement of spiritual effects


Rhythmic in time
the effects increases with the use of rhythm such as using clock rhythm , walking rhythm , Heart rhythm and water dripping rhythm each rhythm has its own character

Rhythmic in words

Words should be as concise and useful as possible so that you can easily repeat them and enter the subconscious

Writing words for a while is effective and After 12 hours must be renewed Including
Write and eat
Writing on a container of water
Write and hold

Repeat 2000 times without stop

Saying problems

By saying problems, we open up spiritual complexes and reduce them

Remember spiritual complexes
Remember your previous conditions For the recycling of spiritual effects and the effect on the remaining effects

The flow of spiritual effects

 In order to access spiritual effects, we must first release our spiritual effects
Time, is important for several reasons
Cold air creates a kind of energy density
Sunlight and the presence of humans can cause noise in spiritual work
If your goal is telepathy, due to daily activities, there may be no energy concentration at the origin and destination for communication unless the person is at a fixed time and place, and this is possible at midnight
Location is also important for several reasons
When resting, you should sleep on the bed. A little height above the ground will release the spiritual effects
Forehead contact with the ground can also help a lot to move the effects

Spiritual Energy

Words should be combined in the steam of the mouth Masking in cold weather can help to combine words with mouth steam
Words should be concise and useful
Words must target Spiritual complexes
Words must be repeated in a Rhythm
You should not speak loudly
You should to identify the Spiritual parasites and avoid their effects
Unconscious or Spiritual habits

Habits are in our subconscious One habit affects other habits regularity in actions such as talking and time to wake up and fulfill the covenant has a great impact on various tasks


Spiritual needs are in the form of spiritual effects Such as mentioning God and the names of people Which is used to evacuate harmful spiritual effects

Water is a kind of solvent for spiritual effects
The most effective form of it is water vapor in the bath, which combines spiritual effects with water particles, and when we can not cope with the confinement of spiritual effects and complexes within ourselves, we do so outside our bodies Read the words on the particles as steam Also, if you see water vapor particles and say those words on the particles

Soul food

The food of our body is also the food of our soul The importance of the issue is about the rights of the people and how it is processed and eaten

Part of the focus (1)

By practicing unconsciously, we should not allow thought to get involved the word of Allah means god

Composition and recycling of spiritual effects

The discussion is about the effects of Elf

With the gradual elimination of negative psychological effects, a kind of replacement occurs

Recycling happens by focusing on the word of God and undermining the negative effects

Separated mentions
If two mentions be together the effects are removed before the effects on the spiritual effects

Spiritual effects eliminator>>>> لا اله الا الله
There are no other gods but god(Allah)
La ilaha illallah
Weakening of Spiritual effects>>>>لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله العلی العظیم
There is no power or strength save in god(Allah) the great
la hawla wala quwwata illa billah al aliel azim

Togetherly mentions
devil is extremely stubborn and one mention have not a full cover
Those who are not sick dont repeat these two mentions much Because the word of Devil is repeated

أعوذ  بالله من  الشیطان  الرجیم
I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Devil
auzu billahi minashaitanir rajim
أعوذ بالله من خطوات الشیطان و عن یحضرهم
I seek refuge in Allah from the steps of the Devil and to be present
auzu billahi min khotovaate shaitan va an yahzorehem

Prostration of Muslims

20minutes of days Contact the Forehead with ground In this case, the body is under a lot of pressure Place the two pillows on top of each other and place your chest on the pillows
Use the direction of the kaaba
do the following mentions
the time should not be cut
think about your problems
moveing and exiting of the harmful spiritual effects are also painful

Properties of words in focus

The effect of word description
no other gods
god the great
cursed Devil

Movement of spiritual effects

the Words but ,from

Parts of telepathy (2)

Telepathy can be a way to empty the mental complexes or Spiritual complexes and one must have enough potential for acceptance
One of the benefits of telepathy is the removal of harmful Spiritual complexes. Another benefit of telepathy is communication with someone who has no other way
The opening of any spiritual path will cause the expiration of that path, so be careful in using these paths
I do not recommend using telepathy for several reasons
If it causes a connection between a girl and a boy You may summon the devil
The created spiritual path provides you spiritually, but this path is not open for a long time and will be closed and Closing a spiritual path may cause you Spiritual damage

Message in telepathy


 Saying emotions through words


Elimination of spiritual effects + human spiritual complexes > movement of spiritual effects > spiritual communication

 La ilaha illallah + Say the name of the person in question(لا اله الا الله)

By repeating these words in Rhythm, you first break a kind of imprisonment
Breaking the imprisonment also requires time and patience
After breaking this imprisonment, you will open the spiritual path


The important thing is that wherever you go and whatever you do, you have to go back, otherwise you will have a mental knot


You may be emotionally attached to someone and you do not want to continue This is due to a lot of thinking or a former spiritual connection, which leaves some spiritual effects in this connection We use the words of the devil in a controlled way. These words do not allow good spiritual communication

Togetherly mentions

I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Devil
I seek refuge in Allah from the steps of the Devil and to be present


You have to find the person's weakness
Weakness can be the right of the people
or Weakness is a memory of negative moods
Remember these things about that person and repeat them in your mind In a rhythm You need to be able to engage that person and get energy And use that energy again to engage the person The same thing the devil does

Part of the Soul Health Index (3)

When the Spirit became strong the influence of the pollution becomes less and the focus goes up so the spirit health index is the amount and power of focus

Attention to spiritual needs

We must fill our spiritual gaps and replace bad effects with good effects Attention to the unconscious
Unconsciously there are scattered thoughts or negative energy And waste our energy We should not allow them to operate

Title of spiritual needs
 Attention to God (power and happiness)
Attention to society and take the attention from the society (EQU)
Attention to yourself (Evolutionary)

Attention to God
Religious law

Attention to society

We are not spiritually perfect Man needs a family, a friend and a wife

Attention to yourself

Need to be clean

The human body must be clean in order to obtain the spirit of pure food

Spiritual effects persist in body sweat . Oral Health It is very important

Infections cause contact with demons Like not brushing, urine and blood remain on the body


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What is devil
They are a kind of parasite of the soul and live this way And their parasitic lives have an impact on the human psyche They infect the human soul with different and irrelevant words and make it more difficult for us to reach the goal.devil Includes of human kind and Elf kind

Human kind

for example The behavior of some American politicians
lying , Divert people , Divide between people , the war and etc

Elf kind

Those who are infected with the devil can not think about it because the devil is in a lack of spiritual needs The stages of infection are four categories
 Conflict of thought
Illusions and strange feelings
 Sleep and wakefulness or consciousness in the dream world
Summoning the devil
Appearance of devil
The devil's experience consists of several categories
A kind of thought involved It's important to know the kind
Feel that The person who is chasing you or look at you or there is one, but not(Vague presence)
much attention to the fairies and their appearance
Recovery of the devil's effect in a solitude And wet It happens by the demons
Our actions
When we think of Elf or devil and compliment little by little we get the spiritual effect of them which is very polluted and harmful and it connects us to them connection is easier than to disconnection Those who searching for the elf finally they find the devil
Their actions
They love the smell of sweat of Single person and because for that they turn around and they go to the bathroom and WC and smell it If a single person was a sin they like her smell more and when they smell it they take of the human spiritual effect and with this effect they communicate better

Original shape

If the devils want, you can see them No matter how hard you try, you won't see their true faces Unless you understand their situation and their effects

form of skeletom similar to humans


No clothes
Their body are white
Their hip is not prominent
Their gender is unknown
They havent breast


Their body are covered of hair, except of face around the nose and forehead and their fingers
The length of the hair are about 3_4 cm
Their hair is smooth and so thick that doesn't form
Their hair did not need to be corrected
Their hair of some of them is Low density and some is High density But in the person is uniform
Their hair colors is red, black, gray , orange But in the person is uniform
Their skin is usually visible between their hair some of them In some places have hairloss and illness


The effect of corruption If we assume the fruit must be ripe to be usable  This fruit must be rotten for some creatures to be usable Demons coexist with contaminants  They are present and affected where there is contamination They are present in toilets and bathrooms and old houses and abandoned neighborhoods They coexist with oral microbes and microbial contamination They try to confuse us with irrelevant words and engage our minds They are affected by the smell, touch, and attention with words and so on


They have thick nails that sharpen the tip
They can to be inside humans

The main feature of the devil

stubborn , Dualism , Parasite , whisper

Other features of the devil

There is no such thing as sleeping for them
The various devils are in constant circulation
They are tormenting themselves to make us uncomfortable
They are located near the ear and slowly whisper
They try to get attention
They havent any tools and they do all with words and indecision
They Talking irrelevant words
They Highly mobile
They Very talkative and they can Speaking fast


They don't last long Appearance
They appear beyond of our reach
They can transform In their world
They can appear in another form in the material world I didn't see Their changes in the material world
They can create imaginations of themselves By demons who inside or Around of humans
They can Appearance a part of themselves
They Without deformation By producing light they can Create images
And because demons are liars, they don't usually show their true form

Their usual Transformed shape

A person in the form of the opposite sex
A person who talks to you regularly
A dense mass of black clouds that come to our imagination
Sharp and winning shapes

Each group of devils consists of at least two devils
inside the humans or whisper
This devil is always with us he visualizes and movements to compete in our minds and In our body
around the man
their positions is around the man or in the next to the door of the room and Inside the washroom and bathroom (Recycle of devil effects)

Ability And their effects

Infect the sprite

All devils communication is of some kind of spiritual effects they can speak with emotion or spiritual effects . they express their message with a combination of a few words and the feeling and tone of the word they can Make contact with the spiritual effects in their voice and their hair without Words seem to be meaningful

Devils By Creating a sense of fear, stress, anxiety and obsession They take comfort from us And cause human poverty from spiritual needs And poverty of spiritual needs itself cause To release the sprite to meet the needs But because the sprite is released in a messy environment the Conditions are easier to become infected

The devil does not allow you to rest even in sleep You are unconscious in your sleep The devil will wake you up in your sleep, even though you are not awake

They feed of human energy and cause human depression they Should affect us as Spiritual infected

By saying words and attracting our attention, the devils get the spiritual effects that feed them
They know very well how to say the words so that they can be fed and not be imprisoned and there will be no disturbance in their work

Their thinking speed and reaction are fantastic They do not get tired They Extremely hardworking and stubborn
Devils' hair is a means of conveying the message Like emotions and images
The devils have a good memory And their memory is to remember spiritual complexes
Demons can read human thought They understand spiritual complexes They understand your previous thoughts, especially about the opposite sex And all this is like reading spiritual effects
Demons can inject negative thoughts into human beings in the form of spiritual complexes
They have energy and sometimes they put their energy in front of human energy and They make us tired To achieve their goals
The devils by saying different and irrelevant words cause forgetfulness in the field of thought
Their words, such as the bristle and razor had Infected my soul and hurt me
They can Poisoning and weakening of the soul
They canPrisoner of mention and Prayer
They canimpelicat human thought

By naming people, demons burn spiritual effects and create deprivation, suction and spiritual connection, and in this way, they engage your soul with the soul of another person

darkness effect or devil effects

The effect of darkness is an effect that we suffer in the subconscious in the form of mental conflicts and worries and complexes or mental problems. It appears more in darkness and loneliness
Those who are infected with the devil subconsciously go into darkness and tend to run away from people They reach peace of mind in the dark because of the spiritual unraveling that the light and the presence of the people have not allowed to occur

devil Spiritual complex
The devil burns and condenses spiritual effects . Spiritual effects are related to our imaginations and emotions When the spiritual effects are burned and condensed, imaginations and emotions increase and become illusions and spiritual complexes

About the whispers of the devil

different and irrelevant words(devil's whisper)
To direct human thought
They become parasites of our thinking (repetitions of words)
They try Humiliate us to become infected with sin
Communicating with demons teaches spells that hurt both yourself and others
The devil's begins to speak in words, but continues in song and song
The devil's talk is not continuous but is a word or a few words and every word is like a shock to man
The tone of the words of the devil are parasitic
The words of the devil are a kind of pollutionThat causes communication
They talk By imitating the sound of us or others
They with Scatter words causes thought scattering


Replacing the devil in people and sending thought
Order not to do it So that we can be provoked
They do or show before us
They can Imagine complex issues to convey their imagination
They deformed to get the effect
They imitate our evil deeds
They relate to bad things

spiritual complex

They inject their spiritual complex and infect us
They combine their spiritual effect unless to effect in the name of God
They satisfy us with the problems of others
They Anger us or surf on our anger

 Harassing people

Parasite of thought

This is very important for the devils to start and continue working with keeping the human mind engaged
They slander
They are obsessed
They remind you of anything that annoys you even years ago
Remembering things that you worry about them
Remembering the sex topics
Even remembering the things you love and many, many different ways
Saying the opposite words
Saying a piece of a song
Creating false emotions
They lend you something or they give you a responsibility in the dream world. Your mind gets involved
They raise their hands to shake hands and make contact
They become the opposite sex and provoke you
They compare you to others and people to each other
Many of devil's whispers begin with the word (IF)
The demons try to scare the infected people. The feeling of fear and flight creates a kind of demoralization that the demons want to fill

Scare people

This usually happens in solitary Condition They want By scaring people trying to Get attention
and In a state of fear, the Repel and Absorption of spiritual effects increases

Devil story

Stubborn parasite
 They Extremely hardworking and stubborn They talk non-stop And try to disperse your thoughts and lose your goals This has been proven to me many times
In a dream, a devil woke me up with his whispers He was with me wherever I went. I prostrated and started saying words The devil knew he couldn't stop me He woke me up with a toothache

different words

once in the dream world There was a devil beside me and he said different words on the subject And These issues were material And if I were paying attention to a subject, he would tell for that the story I would take these topic And throw it away There was 2 seconds between each topic one topic was Mother's Day I also threw it away Until the devil became angry And he pulled me down on the bed Then I woke up and I saw that I was not moving on the bed

Inability to move

At the first work I had a weak spirit And in the dream world It happened many times That I can't shake a bit or talk and They turned me around their selfs


It happened many times That moment when I fall asleep They woke me up with a shock

Touch the devil
Once after bathing I noticed a vague presence in the bathroom one devil who was left in the bathroom He summed up the effects of the devil And after 10 minutes He hit me with a finger tip I feeling bad mood and I used Togetherly mentions
My disease symptoms

My head involved various things so that I had no focus
I became isolated and silent
I always had sleep deprivation
I liked the dark and quiet places
The name of God was so hard and painful that I could not tolerate it for several years
It was a dormant state that my soul had become a devil's game
I was lagging behind everything from the life of the school and society
I was always in pain and torment, whether it was sleep or awakening

stages of my improvement
I realized that when I heard the voice of Azan, I felt better
The main reason for this was the mention of (La ilaha illallah)
but saying this was very difficult as I had to say along with the other statement
( allahoma sali ala muhammad va all mohamad va ajjal farajahum ) For example with Salavat

I realized that I was weak

My sprit was very weak and was infected
To build the spirit , I made a combination
Resort to God , fourteen inocents , Imam Mahdi and Quran
Prayer is a combination of various spiritual works that strengthen the spirit
Bismillah Rahman Rahim and Salavat and Al-Hamdullah rabelalamin(with funny Spiritual effects)

Complications left after naughty infection

The devil causes extraordinary conflicts of thought And you do not notice the passage of time like day, month and year And even after treatment, you will not notice much time , you will feel spiritually old
Your sensitivity to everything decreases
The devil disrupts learning and memory by interfering You realize that you do not know many simple thingsBasically, those who are involved with the devil are those who are socially weak and isolated
One of the complications of being infected with the devil is weakness in the community



More Information

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